Monday, January 27, 2014

Formation Program in Ivory Coast

The General Formation Council is very active and planning many programs for the entire Order. They have already been conducting these programs in the Coferences. They have planned out beautiful formation program which will allow our formees to expose themselves to the modern challenges. They are trying to give formation to the formators who deal with students in the formation.
Last week they conducted one such program in Ivory Coast for the formators. a huge success. Many participated in it and wanted it for two weeks. One can imagine that Brothers Charles and Jaime have a solid program which satisfies all and they ask for more. A good sign indeed.
 Formation for formators so that they form the formees for Capuchin Fraternal living.
 Today the need is to form them after the heart and mind of St. Francis and according to the Great Capuchin traditions. A Fraternal living is strong witness in today's world which is broken and fragmented.

 They are to be formed for the Universal Church and to be prepared to leave their homes in order to missionaries in the Mother Church.
 The people are hungry for the presence of Jesus in their lives. The Capuchins will not have to preach the word of God but celebrate sacraments which will bring the people into God's kingdom.
 The formators have a great responsibility to pass on what they have heard and experienced, what they are convinced of. Today's formees want more idols, examples and witnesses of God's Love and men of solid capuchin spirituality.
 A solid fraternal living leads to communion and unity, bond and brotherhood. In fraternity we accept one another as they are. Capuchin formation forms the formees to be BROTHERS - FRIARS

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