Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Kill in the Name of Religion

Ever since my childhood i have been reading in the newspaper that many people are killed in the name of religion. I never understood and in the school we would ask the teachers who too were not able to give us a satisfactory answer. On Sunday's in the Parish we would come to know regarding the killings and lootings in the name of religion in some part of the world. Even the priests were not able to give an answer which would stop our inner turmoil. In the school, we were all treated as one. We celebrated all the feasts of all religions and there was no distinction ever made between different religion. The answer to the question why people get killed in the name of religion?why places of worship and prayer become target of some who don't believe in God.
We all believe that God is one and all religions lead their faithful to this one path. When i read or see on the television some horrific pictures of the attacks on people of one religion by the majority sadnes me very much. I just don't understand who does one achieve by killing people and destroying houses and places of worship. How many people are rendered homeless? How many children become orphans? How many women  widows and some of them even get raped. 
I don't understand how can this carnage take place in a modern technological world which is progressing every moment? When we are planning to settle on the moon? Where every month a new computer and mobile programs are discovered and launched? Why one does not discover a human program with which we can stop this killing and looting.
Many religious leaders are giving a clarion call to their faithful as to not to fight and kill innocent people. And yet this call goes unheard by those who claim to be believers but not belivers in a loving and merciful God. Some one is responsible for this killing in the name of religion. That someone has to stop in some way so as to all the children of one God to live in peach to worship and adore Him. The world leaders need to introspect well. We need to stop! We need to listen to our inner voice which is telling us to stop. The answer lies within. We need to look in our hearts and find answers to stop this killings.

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