Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Feast To Birthday to Br. Tomaz

Today the Church rejoices with St. Thomas Aquinas and we in the Curia rejoice and celebrate the Feast of our Benjamin of the fraternity Br. Tomaz. This morning we prayed for him during the prayer and the Eucharist. He is in the Curia since last year and has very well inserted into the fraternity and the service that he is rendering to the College and Curia. Many of you may not know who is Br. Tomaz, he hails from Poland and he is here for the service in Curia. He looks after the parlour and this service is one of the toughest. He has been doing with big smile and a lot of patience. Some months back he mas managing the parlour in the college all alone. This service combined at the moment since we are in the college. During those days of hectic and tough job Tomaz kept his cool and did a fantastic job.
He is young and energetic. He is quite by nature and man of few words. He is very regular for the community excercises and service. We all love and like him.May the good Lord be with him and grant him all the joys and happiness. Let us all pray for him and wish him a long life in the Capuchin Order.
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