Monday, May 6, 2013

Prem Joyti Custody

The Capital of India, New Delhi is also the Curia of Prem Jyoti Custody. A lovely flight from Lucknow brought me to the International airport of Delhi. A lovely and modern airport indeed. Br. Alex one of the councilors welcomed me and drove me to the friary for about one hour. In the evening we participated in the Holy Eucharist on the occasion of the parish feast celebrated in honor of St. Joseph. We were about 15 priests, good number of nuns and parishioners. It was a family feast. All were actively involved in the celebration. Well planned liturgy and the lovely choir who sang during the Mass helped us to participate well in the Eucharist. we dinned with the parishioners after a cultural program put up by the parishioners.
This morning i met the council of the custody and animated them regarding the animation of the custody. They were happy hear and know certain information about the curia. They expressed their closeness to the General curia. They had certain clarifications and questions to ask. I clarified them. This custody is growing in number and activities too. The custody has got good number of vocations this year from kerala and locals too. They are engaged in various types of ministries. All the friars are young and enthusiastic. Let us pray that the custody grows to be another  full-fledged province of the Order.

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