Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Meeting continues

The First day of the meeting got over around 7pm with three input sessions by various speakers. Fr. Paulo Martinelli presented a paper on the working of the Franciscan Institute of spirituality. He gave a history with many facets of the Institute. He also spoke about the various programs and symposium organised by the institute. He did all this through a power point presentation which was appreciated by the participants. Then the Rector of the International College Fr. Isidore presented a paper on the working of the International college. He gave the history, the admission process in the college, the statistics and the fraternity of the College. It was an interesting and informative presentation. After this Fr. Clayton the General Secretary presented the working of the General Curia, he presented he various offices and friars heading these offices. He also spoke what one needs to do in order to correspond with the curia. He did a good job by presenting various information. Fr. Marek in charge of the office of communication in Curia. He through the power point presented how this office works in the curia, He requested the provincials to update their various sites and send regular information to the office of communication. The day ended with a song to Mother Mary, followed by evening prayer and dinner.
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