Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Day of the Meeting

Oh the Final day which many participants did not want to arrive. You can imagine why. The participants expressed their satisfaction about the meeting. All of  have expressed their positive experiences about the talks and discussion. Many gave suggestions for the next years meeting. The participants said that they are going back with sack full of experience of the Capuchin Brotherhood. Many expressed that this meeting could be a little longer than week. The food was so good that many felt that it helped them to work five to six hours a day. The Liturgy and prayers were well organised and participated. The high point was the meditation in the morning and evening which helped the participants to give their best for the meeting. The translators were especially thanked for their wonderful and meticulous job done. The general secretary and staff received accolades for their beautifully organising the meeting. The General Minister and definitors received appreciation for their presence with the participants throughout the week. The time that General Minister offered for the Provincials to have a private encounter and sharing with them was well appreciated.

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