Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sessions on Important Topics

This afternoon was dedicated to two important and interesting themes in the Order. The first in put session was presented by Fr. Raffaele, General Definitor on the New Constitutions of the Order. He presented some of the changes in nutshell which were very interesting to know. After his presentation many clarifications were sought by the participants like when will the new constitutions be ready? When will the translations will done? When shall we start using the new expressions adopted in the new Constitutions? All the questions were answered by General Minister who said that the text of the New Constitutions is presented and we hope to receive a green signal very soon from the Vatican. Once we have the approval of the Holy See it would be communicated to the entire Order.
The second in put session was presented by Fr. Hugo, General Minister on the Fraternal Collaboration in the Order. He gave background to the change of the document that was effected during the last general chapter. He explained and gave reasons for the various changes that are brought about in the document of Fraternal collaboration.
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