Friday, June 28, 2013

Afternoon of Economy and Sanctity

This afternoon we had Br. Luis, General Economo who presented various the picture of how the economic solidarity works at the General Curia Level. He informed how the Provincials need to request for financial help and when they need to send. He also mentioned about some provincials who do not comply with the regulation of the Economic solidarity. He has implemented a decision of the General Definitory to have an inventory of all the friaries in the Order. Each Province will receive a format in which there are many details which are to be filled by the Provincial giving all the informations. 
After this Br. Carlo, the general postulator who is responsible for the causes of the saints. He presented his paper in which how a process begins and what are the things and facts required in order to initiate a process. Thank God we have at the moment 85 causes in hand. Let us pray that soon we may have more saints in the Order.
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