Monday, June 24, 2013

Called to Inspire - new provincial Ministers meet

By Saturday most of the new Provincial Minister from all over the world to College and other General Houses in the City. They have come to Rome in order to be animated so that going back they will animate their respective provinces. On Sunday evening arrived in Frascati and straight away we begun with evening prayer and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It was well conducted by the Liturgical commission. The evening supper was a moment of our capuchin Brotherhood. This morning we began again with the morning prayer and meditation. The atmosphere here is so very conducive for prayer and meditation. It is not hot but pleasant. This morning we officially inaugurated with some communications given by the General Secretary. After which the General Minister welcomed the participants with fraternal word. He said that he was contented to have all the ministers. This week is going to be formation and information. To help all the ministers to animate the provinces.
The entire program is organised well and the whole week is going to be a fraternal week and week of sharing of different ways and means of animation. We request you to pray for all of us so that we are able to listen to one another and guide the brothers for the service that they have been assigned to animate the friars.
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