Friday, June 21, 2013

The End of definitory Meeting and the Local Chapter

The Definitorial meeting got over on Friday afternoon with sharing among the definitors and the General minister on various issues, points and the experience of ten months of service to the Order. It was again a moment to be cherished as all of us came out with wonderful suggestions and a lot of positive orientation for the future of service to the Order.
As usual at the end of the General definitorial meeting the fraternity celebrates a local chapter to organise and discuss our fraternal and ministry. This time it was slightly different from the normal practice. The general minister presented his lates circular on Faith to the Order. After which we divided ourselves into four groups and went into group discussion with two question concerning our faith experience. The group discussion was so fruitful and rich that many friars requested that we do this every time. We gathered once again to hear the sharing from each group which was presented by one friar from the group. Infact it was great indeed. 
After this sharing the General Minister made few announcements of the decisions taken in the definitorial meeting. The Guardian had few important and useful announcements for the good of the Fraternity. He announced the place and time for our annual outing of the fraternity tomorrow.

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