Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session dealt with the agenda. We began in the afternoon at 2.30pm. Kerala is getting warmer and warmer. They are expecting some showers but not yet! It makes the weather very warm and unbearable heat. The chapter hall has only fans and they are sufficient to cool the temperatures down. The discussion on the agenda was not at all affected by the heat. They were not heated arguments but very cordial and fraternal ones. The friars are very understanding and respect one another.
Prayer Life and Liturgical Celebrations
 Ways and means to deepen and to be more regular in our everyday community prayers. 

Liturgical Hours more creative without losing our identity 
The importance that we give to our various priestly ministries should not be in any way detrimental to our prayer life (i.e. our personal prayer, community prayer, monthly recollection, annual retreat, interior silence, etc.).

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