Saturday, March 1, 2014

The chapter ends on a Happy Note

The five days of discussion and deliberations passed were quickly. The days were packed with tight progam and time table. It was well organised chapter. There was whole hearted participation by the young and old friars. They both jelled together so harmoniously that there were no communication gaps or problems during the chapter. The recreations were the highlight of the chapter. It really made all of us to think of continuing these kinds of recreations where our brotherhood is celebrated and each one shares his own experiences. 
The new and old provincial team met together with my presence. I gave them some instructions regarding the administration as well as some issues to be treated on priority. The new team is full of enthusiasm and confidence. They are young and dynamic. I am sure they will animate and guide the province well.
Yesterday, after the lunch most of the friars left for their respective convents. we were few of us left in the house so we took the advantage and went to the sea shore for a swim as it is very hot here. It was an exciting and funfilled evening.
let us keep praying for the province and the new team

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