Sunday, February 23, 2014

On Way to St. Thomas, Kerla

It was a good experience to be with our brothers in North India. Young friars with a lot of energy and synergy too. The experience of encountering with them was great. They do exhibit the great capuchin Charism in their talk and dealings. Most of these young friars were formed in the KGM and some of them in the Province itself. The Province is vast and comprising of many tribes as well as friars from Karnataka. The capacity that these friars have is tremendous and are capable of doing a lot of apostolate and missionary work. They have different type of ministries in the province. The major apostolate is that of the school which is well organized and carried out. They have all their formation houses except the Philosophy which is carried out in Andhra Pradesh. The Theologians go to the diocesan seminary of St. Albert where one of their friars is the Rector for last 5 years.
Now I am on my way to St. Thomas Province Kerala where the elective provincial chapter will be celebrated. The Provincial Br. Raphie is our Conference president and he is serving the province for last three years. The Province has Malawi as their mission. It is a young province bifurcated from St. Joseph. The province has many young friars and capable too.
Let us all pray that they have a good celebration of the chapter. May our father and founder intercede for them to have a celebration of brotherhood.

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