Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Anugraha Counseling Center, Dindigul

Anugraha is a counseling center in the Province. It is well known in India. Many religious, diocesan and lay people come here for various courses. It has created a name for itself and everyone who comes here are very happy with the stay and the counseling that the capuchins give. The friars are involved in teaching and counseling. They have various groups coming here every week and month. It is all well organized by friars who are well qualified in the USA and Canada. 
 A group of formees from various congregations have come for Inner healing program for one week....
 A chapel where all the participants gather for prayer, meditation and eucharist every day.
 The main building of Anugraha....there are other structures which are like boardings for male and female and residence for the friars....

 The entire campus is very much Franciscan....lot of animals and birds....you feel very Franciscan
 These doves, they are so domesticated that its enough for you to call them and they come n sit on hand

 Br. Arul feeding the doves.....he is one of the professors of counseling....

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