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RTU - Reaching the Unreached - G. Kallupatti - Capuchin Social Service

Brother James was born in Conwyr, Wales on May 23, 1925 with 3 brothers & 1 sister. His parents are Mr. Charles Alfred and Ms. Doris Kimpton, both were devout Catholics. From childhood lived in Chester, England.
1939: Began as a junior of the "De La Salle Brotherhood" at Les Vauxbelets on the Island of Guernsey, in the Channel Islands.
WWII: Evacuated to St. Joseph’s College, Beulah Hill, London. Continues religious training.
Dec. 14th, 1943: Received religious habit of the De La Salle Brothers, as Brother Lionel Mary.
In 1946, he went to his first Community: St. John's College, Southsea for one year.
December 1947 was transferred to Southbourne, where he headed the art department.
1952: Moved to Sri Lanka at his earnest request to work with the very poor. H.M. Middle School. Started new printing press and school of Printing for deaf and for blind boys.
1964: Arrived in the temple town Madurai; built Boys’ Town as an ITI (Trade school) for poor boys.
1974: Started Boys’ Village near Batlagundu, Tamil Nadu for small boys too young for Boys’ Town.
1975: Started the Reaching the Unreached Society in the surrounding local villages because of the extreme poverty in remote villages.
1985: Moved to G. Kallupatti, current location, and the Reaching The Unreached programme extended to three districts, Theni, Madurai and Dindigul.

 Houses with a Mother and 6-8 with her. She runs the family with support that she receives from RTU

 Mother takes tuition of her children.....

 Br. Paul Swamy is the director of RTU. since 6 years he is working with this institution along Br. James, La Salle Brothers

 Hostel for the boys. Here there are 100 children infected with HIV. They are hale and hearty, given medication on time.

 The children who arrive here at the age of 5 and go on to stay till age of 22. They are given professional studies. Most of these grown up find good jobs which are recommended by the Institute.
 The young girls who do not have parents are married off by the institute. These children complete , semi orphans and sometimes mentally and physically challenged parents.
 Here is the Founcer br. James whose profile you read on the top. A very contagious smile of a holy man who see the face of Jesus in little children.
 The Institute is now run by the Province of Queen of Peace, South Tamil Nadu. There are three friars Paul Swamy, Guardian and director, Bosco, Manager of Education and Jude, manager of nutrition department.

 The kinder garten babies....all with smile wishes us  " Kalai Vanakam Tata" means good morning grandpa.

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