Sunday, August 31, 2014

From Goa to Delhi - Happy Teachers day

After three days of hectic program and meetings of the two conferences, i flew to Delhi on way to lucknow for the Provincial chapter. I spent the night at Premjyoti Custody headquarters. Last night Br. Stefano arrived from Rome and this afternoon we fly together to Lucknow. 
Delhi is very warm with intermittent showers which takes the heat off for sometimes and then once again warm. 
This morning Br. Alex the manager of St. Joseph High school invited me to school to celebrate Mass for the Teachers and students. Here in India we celebrate teachers day on 5th september to thank and appreciate their services to the nation. The school anticipated the Mass and program because on 5th the Indian prime minister is going to address the children of the nation. So all the schools have to screen this live telecast to the students and teachers.

 Teachers come from all Religion but they participate in the Eucharist. In the school the common prayer is "our Father" which is prayed by all the students and teachers.

 Br. Prasad, custos , Br. alex, Manager of the school con-celebrating with me.

 teachers and students listening to my homily which i preached on the role of the teachers and the responsibility of the students towards the teachers and management
At the end i taught them a song...It's i Its I who build the school....along with teachers students sang in angelic voices....
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