Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pastoral Visitation in Holy Trinity, Bangalore Karnataka

We have just finished our Council Meeting yesterday. And am on my way to Bangalore for the Canonical visitation of Holy Trinity Province. It is not easy to leave the Curia immediately after a tight and heavy Council Meeting. You need some rest and some moments of personal space. But we cannot afford. Anyways most of us will be gone before the Christmas for our visitation and Chapters. Some councilors are leaving tomorrow and some during this week end. It was a heavy month with CPO and council meeting. At the end it all turned out to be so good.

I will be visiting the fraternities in Bangalore and Mysore. First half of the visitation will be before the Christmas and second part of the visitation will be in the month of February 2016. I will be back to Rome for Christmas. It is good to enjoy Christmas in Italy. Its a different celebration mood......It will be cold too. I love cold and snow. 

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