Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas gift to my Mother!!!!!!!!!

Don't take it negative but look at it positively, said a middle aged woman.  She said with pride that she is the mother of her mother. She looks after her old and aged mother who is 90 years. She said that her mother is like a small child and needs attention round the clock. This brave and courageous daughter left her job and gave up her career for the sake of her mother. She had to take this hard decision for the good of the Mother who has give the children a lot. They are about 9 children and well educated and well placed in the society. When she saw the condition of her mother very pathetic and deplorable she made a decision to be with her Mother. 

While speaking to her she said that most of the time our relationship with Jesus is superficial and not practical. Faith in Jesus is not translated and because of this many feel dry in their devotion and worship of Jesus. She went through this moment in her life when she visited her mother. She would feel something inside and that feeling would not allow her sleep even. She was trying to find out the cause as she attended a one advent retreat two weeks back. The preacher said that if Jesus is to be born today we should be ready to offer our selves. Let each one become a womb for Jesus. He should be seen and experienced in others. She has to be touched in our lonely and neglected parents. Jesus has to be heard in the voice of the old and sick. Jesus could be encountered in the old parents who are in the home for aged and waiting for their children to visit them. 

She said that all my Christmas' were dry and more materialistic. They were just a fun and frolic. No experience of Jesus. No real encounter with Jesus because he was not seen, heard and touched in others by me. The message of the preacher hit me very hard. There and then i made up my mind to be with my ailing mother in the aged home. I finished the retreat with a good confession and promised the confessor that this Christmas will be a different one. I rushed home and spoke to my husband about my decision to quit the fat salaried job with many facilities and promises for future. He supported the idea. The next day morning i tendered my resignation. All were surprised. The Boss would accept my resignation. When i told him the reason he accepted it. He gave me a big hug and said that you would receive a little more pension than normal. What a big Christmas gift. She said that she has brought her mother home. Looks after her like a baby. She looks much better. smiles and narrates stories of her childhood, often repeated. There is joy and happiness in the family. Husband and children all come back home early in the evening. This year's Christmas is going to be different because we are going to see Jesus alive in Grandma........He is already alive.....he is smiling....
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