Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Like Simeon......Wait to see the Savior of the World

Jesus was born. Only the Virgin Mary and Joseph know the truth of this birth. For everyone else a child is born as many are born. The methods of great poverty, almost lonely, did not bode important in that birth. But God from Heaven will ensure that many are aware of the truth of the Child. The shepherds are the first to be informed. Then come the Magi. These come from afar. With the Magi all Jerusalem knows the birth of the King of the Jews. If the mystery is not made known, if the truth is concealed in the flesh of a newborn baby, the world can not start moving toward his Savior, his Redeemer, his Messiah.
Today there are more angels and even some extraordinary signs that lead to the knowledge of the truth of the Lord Jesus. It intervenes directly Holy Spirit. Intervenes but in a different way than it had intervened in the house of Zechariah and Elizabeth. He reveals to the Old Simeon that he would not see death before he had met the Lord's Christ. Then on the day when the child was brought to the temple to be offered to the Lord, according to the Law of Moses, the moves and he goes to the temple. Here she makes him recognize the Child. He makes you take even the arms.

The Holy Spirit gives to Simeon knowledge of the full truth of Jesus. Who is Jesus in his highest truth? He is the salvation of God in the world. God saves the world through Jesus. Salvation is not for people, it is for all people. Each man will have to be rescued by God through this child. He is the true light that will illuminate the truth of God in every heart, in every mind. Who will want to know who God will be enlightened by this light. Without this enlightenment, the God no one will ever know in the perfection of its truth. He is also the glory of Israel, covenant people, because it is the fruit that this tree was called to produce.
Jesus is also a sign of contradiction. Before him will manifest the thoughts of men. Everyone will know if his thought is good or bad, fair or unfair, true or false. Simply compare the truth that He came to bring on our land. Whoever receives Jesus rises. Those who do not welcome you lose. Who receives it is saved. Who rejects it is damned. Even the Virgin Mary will participate in the martyrdom of the Son. Even her a sword will pierce your own soul. This reveals the Holy Spirit to Simeon.
Virgin Mary, Mother of the Redemption, the Angels and Saints, give us the truth of Jesus.
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