Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas gift to our Fraternities - Christian Moral Theology

Fr. Anil, Ex- General Councilor has written six volumes of Christian Moral Theology. He has taught it for more than 30 years and these books are fruits of his teaching......He has doctorate in the same subject from Rome. As a teacher he is excellent and makes his point very clear.....we as students enjoyed his class. His explanation of the subject was so clear that no one had a doubt about what he taught. His classes were a treat for young Capuchin students. Even today he teaches in the formation houses and makes a point to upgrade his classes. He sees that what he teaches reaches to each student. 

A wholly new and updated version of Christian moral theology by Fr. Andrew Anil Sequeira OFM Cap. is now ready and would be available shortly. It is published by the Claretian Publications. It is a set of six volumes and deals with the following topics: 
1. Introduction to Christian Moral Theology
2. Conscience and Christian Life
3. Christ, Law and Ten Commandments
4. Theology of Sin and Sacrament of Reconciliation
5. Theology of Christian Marriage and Sexual Morality
6. Birth, Health and Death Issues in Bio-Medical Morality

His classes on the Conscience and sin were the best classes i have attended.....sin and reconciliation taught and explained so beautifully in a simple way.....
These six books would really make you to love Moral Theology and also to find answers to some of the problems that we face in our pastoral ministry in the Parishes and youth Ministry....what best gift we can offer than these six books to our friars......
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