Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fr. Linus Faeh from Swiss Province, passes away

It was very sad to hear about the demise of our great and simple Br. Linus. A friar who has done a lot of things for the Order in the field of economics. He has served the order very faithfully. He worked in the General curia for the department of Economic solidarity and even Missions. He was a great brother with a soft corner for the poor. He was very much concerned about the poor provinces in the Order. He has visited many provinces in India and Africa. In his capacity as secretary of the economic solidarity he has done marvelous work in collecting funds.
He was always very much generous towards the Indian provinces. There is not a single province in India which has not received financial help from the swiss province. Linus was the man who would look into the projects, study, evaluate and then recommend them to the Provincial council. 
I was associated with him from 2005 onwards. When i first visited the Swiss province to present a porject, it was he who met me first and guided me how to make a simple and understandable project. Our friendship continued as i kept visiting him every year in Swiss. He would never forget to give me a swiss knife and an envelop for my expenses. He would look after while i was in the provincial curia at Luzern. He was an elder brother who was concerned about his siblings and had a great love for the mission and missionaries. 
I was again fortunate to have him in the Economic solidarity, he worked for last many years as member too. He would faithfully attend the meetings without fail. He would study the projects well. He sometimes would call me for some clarifications. Any project sent to swiss province in last three years was always made known to me, He would seek my advice and some clarifications about the project. 
In the month of October he was in Curia for the meeting and unfortunately i could not meet him. I feel sorry for not having met. I never thought that it would the last time. He has left a great impression on me that is being sick and suffering he never stopped working. His heart and soul was for the poor and for which he was willing to do anything. He worked for the good of the provinces in the Order. Beginning of this month the General Minister, Mauro did announce in the council meeting about his sickness and his admittance to the hospital. I prayed for him and decided to visit him after Christmas. But the Lord called him unto himself to celebrate a new life in heaven, I am sure the Lord has prepared for him a room, a good and faithful servant.....heart full of love and charity, generosity and compassion.

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