Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Fidelity to the Consecrated Life: Br. General Minister

 Br. Marek, Guardian of Frascati  is getting ready for the morning session....some technical issues he is ready to set in order
 Pope Francis said: Fraternity has an enormous power to call us together. The sickness of fraternity is that which most impedes a path in the consecrated life. The individualistic tendency is at base a way to not suffer the fraternity. at times it is difficult to live fraternity, but, if it is not lived, it is not fertile. Work, also 'apostolic' work, can become an escape from the fraternal life. If someone does not succeed at living fraternity, he cannot live the religious life.

 Pope Francis: Community conflicts are inevitable: in a certain sense they must exist, if the community truly lives sincere and loyal relationships. This is life. To think of a community without brothers that live in difficulty doesn't make sense, and doesn't work well. If a community does not suffer conflicts, it means that it lacks something. And the conflict has to be taken on: it must not be ignored. If covered, it create a pressure and then explodes. A life without conflicts is not a life. 

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