Wednesday, April 11, 2018

General Postulation - Br. Carlo Calloni

God continues to speak to the world even with the life of many of our brothers.

St. Francis: Inflamed by the fire of the Holy spirit, may we be able to follow in the footprints of your beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and, by Your grace alone, may we make our way to you, Most High, who live and rule in Perfect Trinity and simple Unity, and are glorified God almighty, forever and ever. 

It is the task of the office of the general postulator to treat the causes for canonisation in the corresponding places, to name friars presented by their Major Superiors as as Vice-postulators and to administer the goods attached to the relative causes, to comply with norms that come from the congregation for the causes of saints and in conformity with the norms in effect in our Order.

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