Saturday, April 28, 2018

Amala Annai Provincial Chapter concludes!!!!!!!

 §  The example of selfless love and humble service set forth by Jesus at the Last Supper is the foundation of the Catholic Church's mission in the world
§  Jesus' institution of the Eucharist and washing his disciples' feet are gestures of love "that make the church grow if we are faithful
§  "Without love, (the church) doesn't grow, it transforms into an empty institution, of appearances, of gestures without fruitfulness," he said. "Jesus tells how we should love: until the end."
§  Jesus' "awareness that he is greater than all of us" is proof of his humility because, despite his lordship, he humbled himself through concrete acts of love, .
§  His command to his disciples to love one another, to serve one another and to know that they are never greater than the master "are blunt words and gestures (that are) the foundation of the church," 
§   "If we go forward with these three things, we will never be mistaken.
§ To examine and intensify our approach to vocation promotion
§ To focus more towards evangelisation
§ To deepen and renew our understanding of our charism
§ To build fraternal communities that nurture respect, forgiveness and appreciation of each friar as an asset, 
§  A renewal of how we integrate prayer life into our actual realities
§ Building brotherly relationships in the community, where we truly love one another as brothers
§ Zeal, commitment and faithfulness for the mission, seeking God’s kingdom more than our own interests
§ Having a deep experience of passing through our limitations, incarnating in our own humanity the spirit of Jesus Crucified
§ To renew our sense of belonging to the community, to the Province and to the Order….do away differences that we have spoken here in sincerity…work towards building communion and brotherhood without basing on one’s belonging to a particular group
§ Spirituality of respect for differences in community, accepting and embracing one another as we are
§ To grow in the spirit of prayer
§ To try to use all our energy to prevent sin
§ We need to be ready to risk in community for more authentic relationships; for more dialogue and clarification
§ To pass through our daily crosses, into the heart of Jesus Crucified, to find God’s love for us as we are
§ We need to be joyful and courageous prophets, carrying out the mission entrusted to us even if not accepted or shown gratitude
§ To identify our inconsistences in a spirit of faith, at personal, community and ministerial level and being committed to work on them
§ We need to work at the process of integration through our own conversion

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