Thursday, March 6, 2014

Visit to the Novitiate House

A beautiful Novitiate house, suitable and conducive place for prayer and contemplation, good place for the formation of the young candidates. This house has a cloistered type environment and has a beautiful chapel which is frequented by catholics who are in the vicinity. The novitiate has around 3acres of land and the palm coconut garden is well maintained.
I reached here this morning from Delegate house. Welcomed by the Novices, Master and the guardian. In the after noon i spoke one hour to the Novices on the theme : Why the Constitutions? The young novices bombarded me with a lot of questions. I gave them the background of our constitutions and how it is useful to live our capuchin vocation. I took them to 1536 and explained the importance and significance of the first constitutions. 
The work on the constitutions in recent years was explained to them. How the commission and the entire Order was involved in the renewal of the constitutions was explained.
Tomorrow i will speak to the whole community about the new changes effected in the renewed constitutions. I am also meeting individually the friars as well as the novices too, It is interesting to listen and know their joys and sorrows. 
Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankas all three live in perfect union and harmony.

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