Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kandy Formation House

 The pictures are of Kandy Seminary and not our formation house.

The brothers from Sri Lanka and Pakistan are studying in an historical and well known Kandy Seminary here in Sri Lanka. There are about 300 seminarians studying from various dioceses and religious congregations. Our students stay about 5 minutes from the seminary in our own formation house. There are 7 capuchins for Delegation and 7 from Pakistan. Some of them doing their philosophy and some doing Theology. The house is nice and cosy place. Brothers Malcolm and Basil Joseph are looking after the formation. 
The brothers walk every day to the seminary and return for lunch. The afternoon is free so they have classes like franciscan spirituality and Music taught by the friars. 
Kandy at the moment is cool and quite. A lot of tourist from Europe. It is an historical place for the Buddhist. You can many monks going round. Beautiful place to be in.
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