Sunday, March 30, 2014

Delegation of Arunachal Pradesh

The Mission of Arunachal Pradesh, India was raised as a delegation last year and ever since then the Friars are working hard. The Province of St. Francis, Kerala is taking great interest in this delegation as there are many opportunities for missionary work. Young friars are motivated to be part of this delegation.
The delegation has two centres (namely Dadam [Diocese of Miao] and Veo [Diocese of Itanagar]), one more Mission Centre is taken up in the Diocese of Miao, called Launu
It has already an existing hut-Church and a small school (see the photographs attached), where 100 children are studying. The centre is little more closer to the state of Assam. 
At the same time, it has the inconveniences of transportation, electricity as well as tower-connection-for-communication. 

Yet it is a Mission, worth taking up for the cause of Christ and the Bishop of Miao, Rt. Rev. Dr. George Palliparambil, had been very happy in entrusting us this Mission. Let us pray for friars and the growth of the delegation.

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