Friday, March 21, 2014

The Chapter ends on a happy Note

Five full days of work and deliberations! It was very tight and hectic but at the end we succeeded dealing with a long agenda. The decisions and recommendations were all voted upon with minor changes. Some historic decisions which has shaken some of the friars. One decision which is so very important is no councilor will take up major responsibility. They will all head the commissions and help the provincial to animate the province. It was an historic moment but not without some tensions and aphrensions among the friars. Some even tried to do away with the decision but finally the will of the capitulars was  respected. Now the province can hope for a better animation and fraternal relationships. The commissions which are normally dormant will be active and functional. Many things like the dream of having a centralized economy will be now a reality. The school administration will be a priority on the card of the new team. We are hoping that that province will work towards the vision and mission that they have adopted. Br. Praveen who worked hard to stabilize the economy will definitely help the new team to build upon it.
The concluding message of the General Minister was "Open yourself to the Gospel". He thanked everyone for the participation. He also admonished the brothers to live the capuchin life seriously
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