Monday, March 10, 2014

St. Francis Assisi Formation House, Kandy

The Philosophy and Theology students reside in our formation house and frequent Kandy National seminary for classes. The Capuchins for delegation are 7 and 8 friars from Pakistan, and two from the conventuals. Its a nice and very conducive formation house for our students. It is on a hill and surrounded by trees and greenery. It is quite and silent place ideal for reflection and meditation. Once the brothers leave for classes the house gets empty and silent. They return only midday for the Lunch.
Yesterday i spoke to all the brothers about the need and importance of the constitutions. Today i will address them about some changes made in renewed constitutions. I met all the friars in person. listening to their joys and happiness. Br. Luis Eduardo, our economo Generale says that the councilors must listen to the friars. They have dont have talk and offer solutions because the need of friars is to be listened. I keep his admonition in mind while visiting. I fully agree that the need is big and its growing day by day. The friars feel that those in authority have no time to listen to their problems and difficulties. They know that the visiting councilor does not have ready made answers and solutions but giving a listening ear can solve some of their problems

A Sri Lankan brother performing a traditional dance similar to Kathakali. He is very good dancer

 Pakistani brother singing a Ghazal and a tamil brother singing a tamil song
 The Singalese brothers sing a group song
 Br. Malcolm Sequiera is singing a Konkani Song. He was my professor of Theology. For las three years he is in Kandy as a spiritual father for our students

 The Pakistani brothers doing Balle Balle. Dance to tune of a famous a Punjabi song

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