Monday, March 17, 2014

Opening Eucharist for the Chapter

The morning prayer which was conducted well by the brothers. The Eucharist was presided over by the General Minister. In his homily he stressed on God becoming servant for our sake and donating and self-sacrificing for humanity. God comes down and reveals to us that he loves us inspite of our brokenness and darkness. He brought the example of St. Francis to explain further this point of God becoming humble. After the Lord spoke to him from the Crucifix, Francis straight away put himself at the service of all the brothers especially the Lepers. He served them with love of Christ and accepted them as his brothers and sisters. Francis is inviting us today to keep giving ourselves to our brothers who today suffer from different kinds of diseases. Its a challenge to follow Francis and the Holy Father Francis is leading us to this goal. He seems to be saying through his words and action that it is easy to follow Francis of assisi

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