Monday, December 23, 2013

Baby Jesus – Be Born in our Hearts

Mr. Cajitan Fernandes, a devout and humble Catholic loved the infant Jesus who was born in a manager. Cajitan could never accept the fact that the savior and redeemer of the world could be born in a stable with nothing to protect and provide for a newborn. His faith and devotion in the savior increased as he advanced in age and also in wisdom. He was simple man with little education, which his parents could afford for him but he learnt a great deal in the parish while serving the parish in many capacities.
Mr. Cajitan strongly believed that the savior and redeemer took this humble birth for the human beings to be exalted and be given a privileged place in the Father’s house. For him the mystery of incarnation not only surprised but made him to thank God for his benevolence and compassionate love. He also believed that baby Jesus came amidst us to reconcile to His Father in heaven and to one another. So, Cajitan would see that no one in the village celebrates Christmas without having frequented the sacrament of reconciliation. He strongly believed that the Lord comes to dwell in the hearts of those who have forgiveness and mercy towards the others. His love and devotion to Baby Jesus made him to visit the abandoned babies by unwed mothers who mercilessly thrown them in the dustbins. He would communicate to couples without children to adopt these babies and bring joy to themselves and new life to the baby.

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