Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Preparations

Last evening i got the Christmas tree decorated in my brothers house. I have four brothers and all of them have their own houses close by. I willingly offered to decorate the Xmas trees with ornaments donated to me by one of my friends. The nephews and nieces were excited to help me and see the Xmas tree ready well before the Christmas. 
The entire family is together as the wedding day is drawing near. So it is celebration every day with lovely variety of dishes. I am very careful as the sugar in me keeps reminding me of its sudden increase.
Three friars from the province are getting ready for Ordination which will be held on Saturday. This evening we all go to meet the Archbishop of Bassein. There is a lot of excitement happening.
Tomorrow onwards i will help our parish priest for sacrament of confession. My Parish is not very big but we have around 5000 catholics. we are expecting good number of faithful for confession for two days.

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