Saturday, December 14, 2013

Simple living but high thinking person

To continue what i wrote about the simple people who offer valuable and precious suggestions and come up with creative solutions to the problem. These simple people with their simple background and upbringing are able to live serene and peaceful lives because they simple ways and means to solve their problems. These people just dont go by emotions and feelings but with simple thinking at the moment of crisis come with surprising answers and solutions. I have seen some friars who are not great intellectuals but spiritual men who with much ease are able to disperse the air of animosity with their simple practical knowledge. The success story depends on their connections to ground reality and circumstances around. Even in society around you will find people who are ever willing to find solutions without asking for a pay or gifts. They have tremendous sensibility with which they will be able to show ways and means to overcome a difficult situation. 

The gentleman whom i met in aircraft shared his valuable experiences with me. One of those experiences i have already share the other day. The other experience is about a particular automobile company. It was during a war and there was no sale for these expensive cars for two years. The CEO and the manager call a meeting and decided to close down the plant and share some money with the employees. All the employees around 2000 were seated in the hall to hear the final decision of the company owner. The owners announced that it has been decided to close the plant and grant some financial support to all employees. The employees were happy with the deal. As the meeting was supposed to be closed one of the employees who worked as a sweeper stood up and requested to be allowed to offer a suggestion. He walked up to the dais and took the microphone in hand and asked the concerned people as to how many cars do you have in godown and how many employees. The answer was 3000 cars and 2000 employees. He suggested that the people in the town dont use our car because they are expensive and dont have the experience of driving our car. why not our 2000 employees go around the town and allow people to have the feel and experience of driving our cars. The management agreed. All 2000 employees went around, explained to people the functioning of the car. The people had a test drive, felt good and excited about a new car. They immediately felt the difference between their cars and this car which they could not afford. surprise and miracle took place, within a year the sale of cars went up, new employees were hired for new production. What they had thought did not materialize but positive results were produced. A small idea and suggestion of a sweeper changed the whole situation. Never to look down upon simple human beings.

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