Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Day of the Year and Recollection in Provincial Curia

I was stunned by the love, fraternal care and patience of two friars Albert Gonsalves and Roney Pereira who are looking after Br, George Pereira who is 86 years old. He is not exactly bed ridden but advanced aged has made him to enter into his second childhood. He practically is not moving out of the room. All his needs are met but he makes toilet and stuff in the bed. These two friars do everything for him. I saw and was so happy. What a gift for me in the new year to be able to love my friar like this. It requires fraternal charity and courage. 
I preached the recollection for the fraternity on the theme "Francis as a model for new life in the coming year". I spoke for about 45 minutes and at the end we ended up in discussion about our resolutions for the new year 2014. It was a lively discussion. Hope we are able to be faithful to the resolutions we expressed openly to each other.
Tonight i am celebrating Eucharist in our Parish here in Mumbai. My Homily is ready and it will be on New Year and Mother Mary as a model to live our Christian call.


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