Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sacrament of Confession

I am enjoying my Christmas ministry and fulfilling my priestly obligation here in my home parish. The Holy Father has asked all the Bishops and Cardinals in the Vatican to go out to the Parish for the sacrament of confession during this Christmas feast. What an encouragement to practice what we have promised to the Lord. i have always loved and enjoyed this ministry right from my Ordination. I believe in its efficacy and power that it has. In Italy in number of places i have rendered my services for hearing the confession. Two days before the pastor of my parish announced the program for the confession and i volunteered to help him out. With smile he exclaimed that you should take rest since you are on vacations. He seems to be saying that authority should not do this. 

I reminded him of the Holy Father and his appeal to all the priests. Since yesterday we had so many faithful for the confession. I had the maximum number as they always wait for Capuchins to be sitting in the confessionals. Our elders say that they have always seen missionaries who used to come for the confessions to various parishes in the diocese. I am enjoying and till 24th December i have made myself available to the Pastor.

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