Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas

Last night the big event n fact n truth of the birth of savior was celebrated with joy fun n frolic all over the world. In my part of the world where the catholic population is about 80 percent xmas is always a feast much awaited. One month of spiritual preparations lead the faithful to welcome the lord Jesus with a lot of festivities. After the midnight mass the villagers with brass band dance n celebrate the birth in a unique way. Each village come with some musical instruments n fun n frolic begins. On xmas eve each village organises a get together n go on for about five hours. Variety of food n drinks are part of the party.
Last night I celebrated the Holy Eucharist in our Capuchin parish of st. Joseph umralla. About 5000 faithful. Colorful dresses n music n dance was very much attaractive. The newly ordained priest fr. Boniface lopes preached his first homily after ordination. He did a good job.
I had a family get together after the mass n we were about 32 members of the family were together.
Happy christmas

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