Friday, December 13, 2013

Simple people with effective ideas

While talking to a Business man on the flight, a well read man and very practical person. He got into conversation with me for the entire flight. A non christian but educated in the catholic school. He keeps himself informed about the church documents. He showed a lot of interest in Pope France and spoke very highly about the Pope. He said that the Pope will be a uniting factor in this divided world of today.  He is up to date with todays business world and very up right man. He is well advanced in age and need not work but he continues the business because of the employees that he has. He wants to give them good life and support their families. He said that all these values i got from the school especially the catholic priest who taught me to be human. He uses all kinds of practical solutions for the business and to settle some problems among the employees. He narrated me a following incident about a simple man who offered a great solution for a problem:

A huge truck fully loaded with some steel was passing under a small bridge. The upper part of the truck got stuck to the lower part of the bridge so the it could move forward neither backward. As a result there was a traffic jam from both sides. The authorities were discussing about the removal of the truck and no solution was in sight. The big think tank and experts all came, spent almost five hours and yet no solution. The municipality at the end of the day offered a solution and that was to blow off the bridge and allow the truck to move ahead. There was this simple man by the road side selling tea. He has been watching the drama the whole day and in his mind he was working out his own solutions. When he heard that the they were going to blow off the bridge. His generous and simple nature did not allow him to be quite, so he walked up to the officials and offered a solutions. The officials first hesitated a bit and with doubts and suspicion in mind allowed him to offer solution. The man said that the bridged and flyover need not be blown off. It will be a costly affair and incur good expenses. He said why dont you deflate the tyres of the truck. They did it and the truck automatically was lowered in order to move ahead. they pushed the truck ahead with crane. What they could not do it the whole day he did it in few seconds. The traffic was cleared. Everything was normal again.
Never underestimate simple people. they have great ideas which can change others lives. 

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