Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christening Party

I attended a Baptism of a child whose grandparents are my friends. I was invited specially to share their joy and be part of the family celebration. The parents of the child are working in America, both as software engineers. They are Mangloreans who have a printing press providing note books to some of the schools in Mangalore and outside the city.
The child is name Aarush means the first rays of the Morning Sun. In the morning we celebrated the Eucharist and the sacrament of Baptism during a scheduled Mass. The church was packed to the capacity being a Sunday.
In the evening was the christening party attended by 200 friends and relatives of the family. The guests were mixed group of people belonging to mixed class too. I raised the toast starting with “that love came first, then marriage and then the child. To complete the circle we need to have a baptism”. I explained the meaning and significance of the sacrament with some humorous and hilarious incidents. We wished the child, parents, godparents and grandparents all the very best and long life to the child. The older sibling of the child after the baptism ceremony asked his dad why did they brainwashed my little brother in the church. The party was great with music, dance and games for the kids who were the center of attraction at the party.

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