Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An Appreciation for the work on the Constitutions.

The Constitutions were promulgated on 8th of this month and the friars in the world definitely downloading the Italian text which is official. The comments that i heard from a simple friar who has worked in the curia saying it is amazing work and inspiring too. He further said that our brothers read, live and experience the constitutions in personal life. I felt that a future saint speaking to me as i saw, heard and known him for some times, living a simple and humble capuchin life according the spirit of the constitutions. 
The work on the constitutions has been going on for some years and finally we have finished and the text is in our hand. soon the translations will take place in various languages. What is going to be our attitude towards the constitutions. Is it going to be read only occasions or is it going to be my constant companion in my capuchin way of living. The fraternal issues that we face in our day to today life could be avoided and solved if we all follow the constitutions. 
Let us thank and pray for those who have worked so hard for the constitutions. let us take the constitutions in our hand and have a spiritual look and reading and am sure that our life become more fraternal and livable.

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