Monday, December 2, 2013

Servant of God Joseph Thamby

The Province of Mary Matha has a servant of God called Joseph Thamby. We paid a visit to his tomb. This place is visited by all irrespective of religion and creed. Every week about 40,000 faithful visit this place. The annual feast is celebrated on 15th january and on this day the huge crowds come from all walks of life. The friars are working hard to make him known all over India
Br. Stefan cools himself with a tender coconut
Br. Praveen, in his house where br. thamby lived and died. The altar behind was built by joseph thamby
The friars pray to our venerable Borther
The house in which he lived initially
The devotees come and take mud from this house which has got healing properties. you can see the mud smeared on the wall and they write it on the wall with the mud