Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to Pope Francis

The Catholic and non-catholics will today thank God for the gift of a man who is trying all his best to bring about unity in the world. A pope who has made tremendous impression on every one and all from all walks of life have appreciated his simple life style and communication. Within a year he has already bagged some renowned awards for his courage and leadership. From young to old everyone seems to have fallen in love with him. He is revolutionizing the Catholic Church and bringing back the glory and holiness back to the Catholic Church. The church leaders have now renewed their vigour and strength in proclaiming the good news, The Gospel is now being preached with new enthusiasm. The catholics are now rejoicing as they see a lot of change taking place because of Pope Francis. Pope has proved that he is the Pope of young and old, he is human and approachable giving example to his priests and religious to follow the suit to win over disappointed faithfuls. He has rocked the church with his simplicity and straight forwardness, his reform movements in the Curia are eye opening for many, the transfers and replacement of some of the influential people in vatican has sent milder shocks and surprises to many who wanted to make a career in the vatican. He is investigating everything in order to be transparent and accountable. He has given a clarion call to all the nations to take up the cause of the poor and see that every one goes to bed with filled stomach.
Pope Francis is Gods gift to all of us. Today as he celebrates his birthday we need to praise and thank the Lord for all that he is for the church. Let us pray for his ministry and mission. 
Happy Birthday to Holy Father Pope Francis

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