Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Second Day of the Assembly

The day began with morning prayers and The Eucharistic celebration. The theme was "Franciscan devotion to Mother Mary". I was the main celebrant and in my homily i said that mother was dear and close to francis and his spirituality. He has tremendous deep love and inexpressible love towards the mother of God. All the biographers make mention of Francis relationship with Mother Mary. He sang, praised and loved mother mary through his prayers and writings. The Capuchin traditions also places importances to role of Mother Mary. The Holy Constitutions remind us of our devotion to her. Like her we should listen to the word of God and then reflect and meditate over it. 
We began the session early today because we have many things on the agenda to discuss. We will have group discussions based on what we have been doing since yesterday. This morning Alexandro began to narrate the strength and possibilities in the province.

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