Thursday, May 5, 2016

Let God be our Priority!!!!!!!!!!

 We hear people saying that Godi s not present in my life. One will complain about his or her being faithful to God but He is not. They have been doing all right and yet they experience everything negative and dont get what they want. But we fail to understand and accept why these thoughts and experience cross our minds? May be we dont do what the Lord wants us to do. We do things according to our will and not His will. He would ask us to leave and abandon certain evil things or habits from our lives but we hold on to them. Let us not be half hearted in our obedience to God and our superiors. We need to see and evaluate the areas of our life which are unattended though we may be serving and loving the Lord, though we may feel that we are obedient and committed to him. We continue to be good people and good Capuchins but there are certain areas which we overlook and never handle or check them out. We may easily forget His commandments and will in our day to day life and yet not take a stock of those things which are really beneficial for an encounter with the Lord. I think sometimes the Lord invites us to evaluate our own dedication and commitment to Him and others. How do we do that? We need to examine our priorities and agendas. We need to stop for a moment. When we do this, we know what are the most important things we need to pay attention to. If we want God to bless and grant all our desires, then we need to give Him a prominent place in our spiritual and human life.

 When we begin to drift from God, our value system becomes distorted. The things we should hate, we begin to love. The things we should love we lose interest in. Notice in our text how evil becomes attractive.

 Evil has become attractive and acceptable to many of us.  When God is absent it is not surprising that the world goes the way of the Devil. When God is placed in a secondary position in our lives we find that the appetites of the world begin to govern us.

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