Monday, May 16, 2016

Let the Word of God first touch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These days we have so many people who call themselves as preachers of the word of God. Many of them are good and do a fabulous Job. I have come across men and women who are simply mind blowing with their preaching of the Word of God. The way they put across the message of God. Many of them have done some studies and with the help of modern technology are able to capture the audience who are hungry for the Word of God. I do appreciate their style and way of communication. It is simply awesome and fantastic. We also have many priests and religious who are world known and are able to put across must better the message of God to the faithful. The problem that I have is that how many of us practice those wonderful and heart rending messages in our own life. It is so very easy to stand in the pulpit and then go on for a long time advising and admonishing faithful. Sometimes even hard messages and predictions are preached.

 For me it is difficult to understand how can I preach something about which I am not convinced or not practicing. Can I ask people to adhere or follow something which I hate to practice but I do speak about it. It could be charity, love, sharing and respect…etc…It is disgusting to read and hear from people who all through their lives have been a counter witness and once they have the opportunity to preach or guide, animate other…..they do it in such a way that they have become Almighty and All Knowing persons. I find difficult to accept their teaching unless I see them practicing first. This does not mean that I am perfect and authentic. But having seen so much of hypocrisy around which has caused so much of trouble and suffering in the society, I think the time has come to stop all this and live genuinely the Word of God. 

 He is Fr. Alfonso....a missionary in Mexico.....he is 91 years old.....hale and hearty....always smiling and laughing....he has a lot of wit......a wonderful friar to live with.....he has come down to Spain for holidays....leaving on Saturday.......some friars asked him to stay back since he is catching up with the age....he heart is in Mexico.....I am still young......Let us pray that he remains ever young to preach the word of God....

The Fraternity where i am staying.....Pamplona...

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