Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spiritual Dryness!!!!!!!!!

In our religious and priestly life we do have moments of spiritual dryness and challenges which we find difficult to handle, accept and overcome. We exactly don't know how to go about even though we have all the expertise and knowledge. I think we need to stop, slow down and look at the disturbed areas of our life, see those areas with intentions of remedying them. There could be so many things which are all there and they are blocking our spiritual growth as well as human growth. Sometimes we ignore. For others we look the same when we go through the spiritual challenges in our life because necessarily we don't like to share or even show externally but we battle a war within. We feel lonely spiritually. We are all seeking something but not able to pin point what exactly we need to do….Here only one thing that we need to do immediately is to accept that we have a challenge….we need to sit at the feet of the master Jesus Christ. To listen to His words and apply those words to our life’s areas.

 Most of the times we forget that these dry moments and challenges are our friends which allow us to grow. They allow us to know who we are and what God is expecting from us. But we do come to know what the state of our inner and spiritual life is. The insights we receive during these moments are tremendous. When we face these challenges with spiritual courage we derive those spiritual vibrations and exuberance which we never ever experienced…..then you begin to dance spiritually within…the dance is the expression of victory over our weakness in spiritual life. God offers opportunities in our spiritual and human life…..to over come these challenges we need to walk with Him. We need to work on ourselves. Accept who we are. Walking the path that the Lord shows us. Doing those simple things that give us million dollar joy and happiness. We need to sit and work on ourself which is a big job……but there are advantages….we make those same mistakes because we are not aware those challenges and dryness within.

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