Monday, May 30, 2016

Look at the Heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

 When we meet persons for the first time what we look in those new persons is how they communicate, behave and their intentions. In short we look for men and women to be of a clean and pure heart. It is difficult to assess but it is possible to see some signs of good hearted and single-hearted persons around us. The society and the Church want men and women who carry with them hearts of Integrity, love and compassions. They are the ones who inspire new hope and joy in those who have lost all hopes. This is exactly what Mother Teresa and most of the saints did earlier. These men and women are dedicated to a cause to save and serve others who have no one. The intention comes from a single-mindedness and faith in God in who they believe so intensely.

 What I have seen in my life is that there are persons who have devotion and love towards God are always and continuously trying to live out what they believe in their God. They practice what they believe and trust. There is a strong and deep relationship between inside and outside…These dedicated men are always in search of doing something right and just for themselves and do teach to others through their concrete examples. It is just not the big speeches and sermons but they are walking speeches and sermons for people to hear and see. These holy ones are ready to do anything for the Lord in whom they believe and are willing to offer their lives as a sacrifice. It their pure hearts which lead them to speak loudly with their actions and gestures…their intentions are loud and clear….

 Today there is an urgent need for all of us to look sincerely and honestly at our hearts…..we know that we are not bad people but still we do hold something which does not allow us to be pure. We have so many bad intentions of which we are aware but still are not able to confront and address them, because we are frightened to face the reality of impurity.

 On top of a hill....there is a huge statute of Sacred Heart of Jesus......overlooking and protecting the City

 Every two minutes you find a beautiful Church here in Murcia....

 The Cathedral from far away......

 Evening in Murcia......a famous Market in the town.....

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