Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

Oh Mother dear mother, how i miss you in my life!!!! These were the words i used when i lost my mother in 2008. Though a religious in the Capuchin Order, you never receive Love of a Mother, of course you do find very good fathers in the community. Good mothers have been always there in the history of humanity. The Mother of God, Mary is a big example. A mother who is at the beck and call of her children. She follows and observers everything of her children she knows that her children are the most precious gifts that God has given her. In the heart of our mothers lie the goodness and kindness, service and love for her children. Mother is the one whose emotions are beyond everything. Her hug and kiss makes you to forget everything. When we have blues and let down by others, we can find comfort in the embrace and pat of our mothers.

 Who has not experienced Mother’s tender and healing touch when sick, lonely and disturbed? Her compassionate and loving words can never ever be bought in today’s big supermarkets.

 Celebration in the Parish....songs, dances and too joined was great fun.....

 Respect and love Mother. Don’t make her to wait anxiously for you. Don’t make her to cry for you unnecessarily. Don’t put her in the home for aged. I have seen so many of them waiting at the entrance doors of the aged homes for their children to come. I have experienced many times in these homes the touch of the Mothers……Mother’s heart aches to watch and see her children suffering.

 Church of San Lorenzo.....beautiful church....

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