Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lead me by your example!!!!!!!!!!!

 There have been men and women who have been a great examples for me. They have been source of inspiration. Even many priests and Capuchins have been great heroes for many to live simple and humble lives . They have not only spoken words but have shown in their actions and led by examples. They were so strong in their examples that anyone would just follow them. Those who followed them have been blessed and successful in all the spheres of human and spiritual life. They told us to do something because they were convinced of and expected us and not forced upon us their ideas and plans. They never got angry or disappointed because others did not follow their examples. 

They just lived their call and led silently the others. Their light was brightly shining always in spite of darkness around. They were men of deep love for the Lord and humans. They were trusted and visited by those who experienced that they were not noisy gongs but men full of wisdom and spiritual knowledge. They drove home one particular idea or message, which was forceful and demanding. The message ran deep in the hearts and minds of those who wanted to really change their lives and be upright. The message brings commitment and dedication to ones profession and life. The positive impact of these men and women is so strong that they change the character and behaviour of those who would like to be like them.

 Friar Alphonso, 90 years old.....i could be his grandson.....he is a missionary in Mexico......always bright and cheerful.....he left after his vacations here in Pamplona.....a friar who loves his Capuchin vocation......

 Great experience to be among the grey haired friars.....their solid and strong Capuchin lives moves you to reflect on our own as Capuchins........

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