Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All are to be treated equally!!!!!!

 It is so easy for those powerful to get things done in their favor. They use money, political connections and the muscle power. These days the big and famous persons who are arrested for some scams or corruption, come out very easily from the prisons. We don’t know whether they are guilty or non-guilty, it is the judicial process, which will determine. But number of times they spent some time in the jail and they are freed. What about those victims? What is their situation and what about their mental status? It is not so easy to accept those humiliations and tortures that they have gone through. Many poor people who don’t have any influence and power cannot get justice at all. They wait for years and years for the justice to be delivered to them. I don’t say that the guilty ones are really guilty but the fact the judicial process is fast and quick in their case but there are many who are languishing in jail for years and years. I think the Law should treat everyone equally.

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