Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Pilgrimage is a religious activity, which exists from time memorial, you can almost affirm, that it exists from the origins of humanity and religious man. Israel reminded people of Abraham and the patriarchs as pilgrim. Their long march through the desert consider as pilgrimage considered it as the prototype of the Promised Land. The pilgrimage was always clearly a sacred action. The pilgrimages were very special occasions for an encounter with the Lord and a manifestation of their identity as a people and nation.

 Jesus as a true and devote Jew, participated in a pilgrimage along with His Mother and Father Joseph to the temple of Jerusalem on the occasion of great and grand Jewish feast. The last pilgrimage was the Pasqual journey in which he suffered, died and raised again. 
The pilgrimages are one of the symbols of humanity’s existential walk, which manifests their desire to be united with the Creator. There are many psalms, which describe the pilgrimages and the pilgrim.

Occasionally, going on a pilgrimage was given as penance for grave sin. It was definitely a dire hardship because the sinner was bound in conscience to walk barefoot and in tatters, never spending more than one night in a particular place, and he had to beg for his food along the way. This certainly was not your luxurious modern-day flight to Rome or Jerusalem with a stay in air-conditioned hotels and scrumptious local food! It was a tremendous sacrifice and, to our modern sensibilities, seems almost too cruel a punishment.

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